Finding Your Niche Tour Style

The travel industry is constantly changing and not all travellers are looking for a generic tour travel experience. You want to join a tour that best suits your niche. Sometimes when clients coming to my travel agency think of tours when I mention considering it, they think that it is a large tour bus, head sets, a guide with them the entire time going from city to city. There are some tours out there like that. However there are also very concentrated types of tours that are in small groups of less than 20 passengers that don’t even use motor coach buses; you can decide the form of transport you want within your niche. Here are some tour styles below that are distinguished by their niche and give travellers exactly what kind of experience they are looking for.


Small boat/river cruising – If you aren’t into large cruise ships then consider a small vessel along rivers such as the Mekong or Amazon. Set sail on the seas by sailing your way from island to island – maybe the greek islands for example. These boats carry few passengers and because they are so small, they can go into areas where large ships cannot even dream of having access to.


Local Experiences – This is similar to how the locals would experience everyday life in your visited destination and as a bonus the locals will show you their ways of life. With a lot of these tours you can visit wineries, learn how to make the local meals and try them, and other traditional aspects of their everyday life.


Active – There are specific tours that are specific to a sport or have a mixture of different kinds of outdoor activities. Trekking, cycling, kayaking, and rafting are a few very popular niche active adventures. There are also different levels of difficulty so if you want a leisure-active level or an intense-active level you get to decide.


Family – A family tour adventure is quite different from an all-inclusive vacation if your family decides to go the adventurous route vs. the luxury route. For families who are looking for lots of activities in the outdoors and want a cultural aspect as well, I always recommend a family-based tour. Great family based tour locations are Costa Rica, Kenya or Tanzania Safari, The Galapagos, Peru, and Indochina.


Rail – This is a great way to kick back and relax while you watch the scenery go by around you. Rail is comfortable and one of the best ways to see inland and coastal scenery. My recommended spots to experience rail are the Canadian Rockies and various locations in Europe such as Norway and Switzerland.


Polar – Who hasn’t dreamed of seeing polar bears and penguins in the wild? The Arctic and Antarctica are both 2 unique and very interesting places for all to see. There will be opportunities to take a skiff and motor around huge icebergs and glaciers to watch whales breach the ocean’s surface. Take a kayak around icy lagoons. You won’t want to forget your binoculars because everywhere you look there will be something majestic to see.


Wildlife – There are many different locations around to world to experience safaris. If there is a specific species of interest there are tours that have a concentration solely on this species. I recently went to the Canadian National Parks Jasper and Banff and everywhere I looked there were elk, caribou, bears, and mountain goats everywhere!

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