How To Avoid A Food Coma On Your Trip

When travelling to another country, I’m not just excited about visiting new sites and seeing new places. I’m also interested in the culture and trying all different kinds of foods. Food is a great way for me to experience a way in which the locals live. However, it can be very overwhelming when I have over-indulged and ate way too much.

During my first few trips aboard, I tried every new thing that was in sight. I felt too full afterwards, and started feeling sluggish and sick. It’s good to try new foods, but with caution. Being exposed to a different country’s flavours might not agree with your body. Here are some of my recommendations to avoid a food coma during your trip.

local tapa dish in made at a tapa bar in Madrid

Eat portions like at home. Choose a side to go on your main plate instead of having an appetizer first then a main dish after.

Drink alcohol with some meals not all. Too much alcohol while on your feet will make your trip less enjoyable or memorable. Having a drink in the evening is better than the afternoon, as you’ll rest afterwards versus getting up and off to another excursion again.

Go easy on the pastries. Dessert is what really puts the cherry on top for my food coma. I always need to tell myself that I don’t need a dessert every single day and only when I don’t already feel very full. Know your limits and don’t eat any pastries before bed.

Drink potable water. Drinking from the hotel tap water may not be potable, so check first. Go with water that you know is 100% potable. My tip would be to get a pack of water bottles at a local market, as buying them individually is more expensive.

Keep medicine handy. Imodium can help stop or ease any issues you have with your stomach. Consider Reactin in case you have an allergy to something; you’ll thank yourself for being prepared in case you need it and could prevent a visit to the hospital. You can get these items before you go on your trip at a local pharmacy.

Snack during the day. You’ll want to put some trail mix or small snacks in your bag if you are doing activities for a few hours as you’ll burn more calories walking around. When it’s time to eat a meal you aren’t super hungry and eat your normal amount.

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