Top 5 Things To See & Do In The Mayan Riviera

The reason why I decided to stay in Playa Del Carmen versus Cancun was because of how close so many activities were in Riviera Maya. I had only spent 7 days in Mexico and only got to do half of what I had on my list. There’s so many spots to go snorkel and different Mayan ruins to discover. I did however visit the following places and experience the following.


My snorkel experience in Akumal was the best snorkel experience I have had yet. Everywhere I looked, there were turtles! This one below in particular was coming up for air when I snapped this shot.

Snorkel in Akumal with the turtles


On the Yucatan Peninsula you’ll visit some incredible Mayan ruins. This one in particular is known as El Castillo located as the site of Chichén Itzá. Learn about how the Mayans lived way back when their residency existed here.

Chichen Itza


My personal favourite Mayan pyramid is Tulum. The reason why I like Tulum so much is because of its position – mayan ruins overlooking the Caribbean coast of Mexico. Amazing shots for your camera await you here.



The best theme park I’ve been to that had animals is by far Xel Ha. It’s an aquatic natural aquarium where you can swim with all the fish! I swam with colourful fish constantly surrounded by me for 6 hours during my day there.

Snorkel in Xel Ha


Playa Del Carmen has a great market with many interesting shops and restaurants. I got a lot of souvenirs here and some alcohol to take back home with me and it was very cheap. Be careful that you don’t get scammed though – bargain with the vendors to get the best bang for your buck.

Shopping in Playa Del Carmen and having some fun!

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