5 Sights To See In Jasper National Park During The Summer

Jasper is one of the most famous national parks in all of Canada. It’s known for its mountains, waterfalls, wildlife, outdoor sports, and lagoon coloured lakes. Here are 5 sights you’ll want to see when you visit.


The Columbia Icefield is a massive glacier that exists between Jasper & Banff National Parks. In order to get up to the glacier, my fiancé and I took a tour with a group of about 40 people on a special bus that is meant to go up and down very steep inclines. The glacier is so massive that 40 people was a dot compared to all the flat walking space up there.

Up close to the Glacier. I was amazed by how fresh the glacier water tasted. Best water in the world!


Accessible via a short drive off of the Icefield’s Parkway, you can view a couple of falls that flow through the Sunwapta River. I’m not sure how they do it, but I saw some beaver dams along the heavily flowing river. Those beavers must be really good swimmers!

Sunwapta River just before sunset


Spirit Island is located on Maligne Lake. My fiancé and I took a tour that included a boat ride to the island. I was so amazed at how baby blue the water appears compared to where I am from in Canada on the Atlantic coast in Nova Scotia – the water colour on the ocean appears as a seaweed green. Maligne Lake is about an hour drive from Jasper.

This is me celebrating my first time being in the Canadian Rockies.


Athabasca Falls is about 30km from the town of Jasper. There are quite a few places to walk along the edge of the cliffs where you can get a great view of the falls from different angles.

Enjoying the morning view of the falls in July


There’s no specific place in Jasper to see wildlife. Everywhere I looked there were elk, bears, caribou, and mountain sheep. The park is protected so the wildlife are confident to be close to the main roads because they don’t feel threatened. The animals tend to keep to themselves and not approach humans; it’s as if we don’t exist!

Elk crossing the river at sunset. See the little baby elk nursing from its momma. How cute!


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