My Story

Here are a few things about me:

  • Travel is my favourite hobby
  • I’m a full service Travel Agent from Canada
  • Spanish is my second language
  • I’ve been to over 20 countries
  • My favourite countries visited are Spain, Mexico, and Costa Rica
  • I believe travel is the best way to educate yourself


My Story

The first trip I ever took outside of Canada & the U.S. was when I was 20 years old and have been to quite a few places in these past few years heading into my mid twenties. Spain was the first destination that I visited in Europe with my boyfriend at the time who was from the South of Spain as an exchange student studying in Canada at my university in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He invited me to come to Spain during my university Christmas break to see his country. I quickly fell in love with the different aspects of travelling in Spain and what it has to offer such as the culture, language, food, history, and landscapes. The South was for sure my favourite region visiting Andalusia’s finest cities Seville, Cordoba, and Granada where I enjoyed exploring moorish castles and the most delicious appetizers “tapas” I had ever experienced in my life.

My first day in Sevilla at the Plaza de España back in 2011


Back home in Nova Scotia, I was studying a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism & Hospitality Management at Mount Saint Vincent University. The original goal was to become a Hotel Manager after I graduated as I really enjoyed working with people. This changed once I returned from my first real trip abroad. I wanted to become a Travel Expert and help others plan their trips around the world and travel for myself as well with the best access to travel suppliers. I had 2.5 years left of university to complete my degree. I made a plan that I would continue to travel while studying. As I had my boyfriend from Spain at the time, the plan was to move to Spain and study at the university where he attended and be an exchange student studying tourism and travel around Europe during weekends and holidays.


Things didn’t go exactly as planned. My boyfriend and I broke up 2 months before I was supposed to go to Spain and live. At this point I asked myself what is more important to me – stay back home in Nova Scotia or continue with my plan to explore Europe? There’s no way I could give up the opportunity to travel. I still went on to live in Europe at the same university that I applied as I had been approved to study there. It was one of the best experiences ever – studying in Spain. I moved into an apartment with 6 other Spanish girls in the city of Murcia. None of them spoke English so this was the perfect opportunity to learn Spanish. I was a full time student at the university of UCAM studying tourism and business in Murcia. I also taught English and worked at a hotel to sustain my income for living and travelling during my 1.5 years there. With no relationship at the time, I was more open to meeting new people and trying new things. Being single was the best thing that could have happened to me because I took every opportunity without hesitation. I visited many countries around Europe with other international students that became my friends and even did a few solo trips where I made other friends who were single travellers.

Exploring Prague with friends from Brazil and France I met while studying at UCAM in Spain


Returning back home to Canada in 2014 was an extremely difficult process because I had lived in Spain for 1.5 years and it was what I considered my normal life and I was happy. I was very sad because I made so many great friends and was living my dream of travel. The reality was that I was broke, my visa was expiring soon, and needed to come back home to find a job and start paying back my student loans. I first moved back in with my parents then got an apartment with friends I had stayed in touch with while I was away in the city centre of Halifax. After a few weeks of searching when I had moved in with friends, I got a decent paying job managing a cottage rental company for their Canadian market. It was a great job but it wasn’t exactly what I wanted to be doing. After the first couple months of working there, this is when I met my now Fiance and love of my life – Ben.

Ben and I on our first trip together in January 2015 in Chichén Itzá, Mexico


Ben and I met back in the fall of 2014 and have been inseparable since. Ben is a member of the Canadian Navy and is away often to be at sea – so this is normally when I do my solo trips. The very first thing we had in common was a passion for travel. From our conversations on where he had been with the Navy and to where we want to go in the future we fell in love after just a few dates. The topic of travel was what brought us together and what each of us truly love to do. We decided after a few months of dating we would journey to Mexico together from Halifax. I had never been to a tropical place before and was skeptical that I would get bored as I feared that we would be on the beach all day which isn’t really my style of travelling. Quickly I learned that Mexico has so much to offer other than the beautiful beaches. The snorkelling, history, Mayan ruins, food, and people were amazing. A few months later we decided to do another tropical trip to the Dominican Republic. We also loved the scenery and activities there.

Kayaking off the Blau Natura Park Resort in Punta Cana


After over a year of being together, Ben and I discussed our long term future together and what it would look like. I always talked to Ben about starting my own travel business which never went unnoticed by him. So Ben decided that he would help me reach my dream. He gave me a loan to quit my full time job and start my travel business. My travel business has involved me being a Travel Expert to many clients across Canada, helping them plan their vacations all over the world. I very much enjoy this. A year and a half later after launching my travel booking business, this is when I decided to share my travel experiences with the world by starting a niche travel blog. At the beginning of 2017, I launched No Ordinary Adventure with the help of my sister Colleen who is a PR specialist owning her own online bridal magazine. It could not have been possible without her help. I am eternally grateful to her! 


The inspiration to start a blog focused on touring the world came with all the diverse options that guided travel has to offer. With No Ordinary Adventure, I share my real travel experiences with you and my secrets to planning and finding the travel style and trip that suits you best.


Happy Reading & Safe Travels!