6 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Morocco

I never really thought about visiting Morocco until I saw how popular this destination is with Intrepid. My friend who works for Intrepid inspires me to travel with them as we get together and meet when she’s in town and talk about all the trips she has gone on and where she will go in the future. She recently went to Morocco and showed me the incredible pictures she took. Because of how popular Intrepid’s trips are with Morocco, I recently decided to hold a private groups departure for next spring. You can see more info regarding this departure by clicking here. See some amazing shots below.


Riding camels in the Sahara Desert (photo credit: Intrepid)


Essaouira is an old fishing town on the Atlantic coast with unique charm. It’s one of North Africa’s most visited destinations.

buildings of Essaouira city (photo credit: Intrepid)


Walk through an old city called Fes – this is where you’ll find vendors of special craftsmanship among other encounters. There are no cars in this area, but there are lots donkeys!

Local market in Fes where beautiful colourful vases are sold (photo credit: Intrepid)


There are opportunities to spend time in Morocco with the friendly locals via your tour with Intrepid.

Learn about local families and their culture and the delicious food they make (photo credit: Intrepid)


The Ait Benhaddou World Heritage Site is where you’ll find kasbah ruins on breathtaking hilltops.

UNESCO World Heritage Site Ait Benhaddou


Casablanca is one of the most popular cities visited in all of Northern Africa. Did you know that it’s modelled after Marseille in France?

Casablanca streets are colourful are around the city (photo credit: intrepid)

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