Top 5 European Ocean Cruising Spots For 2018

Some of the most amazing places in Europe can be found at sea. You’ll have exclusive access to places that if you were travelling on land couldn’t even dream about reaching such as the more secluded islands. There are many exciting ports to visit and plenty of activities to do and history to uncover.



photo credit: G Adventures

When you enter into the Norwegian Sea, your surroundings will cover exquisite fjordscapes and glaciers. Visit Bergen where you can disembark from your cruise and head on land to trek some incredible sites. Cruise into Vega, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is known for its charming fishing villages and eider down harvesting.



photo credit: Peregrine Adventures

Cruise Iceland’s West Coast for an experience of a lifetime and see a side of Iceland you can’t experience on land. You can experience quite a few things like seeing the sights of the Westfjords, sail around coves of volcanic crests and search for puffins and whales. A great beach spot in the west is Raudasundar Beach where you can leave your footprints in the red sand while gazing at the fascinating coastal surroundings.



photo credit: Intrepid

Greece is best seen by cruising. You can visit world famous islands such as Santorini and Mykonos. There are many hidden gem Greek islands that are only found when you cruise. If you are looking for the more secluded spots to get off the beaten track for the less tourist populated islands, venture on a yacht as larger ships won’t have access and you’ll have exclusive entry.



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The Algarve coast in Portugal has many picturesque grottoes and caves to discover. The coastline here is breathtaking and there are so many unique places to explore. Portugal is a very sunny and warm destination so you won’t be disappointed with the weather.



photo credit: Intrepid

The Dalmation Coast in Croatia has many remarkable beaches and swimming spots. This country has many stunning ancient sites and historical places found in ports such as Split, Hvar, Korcula, and Dubrovnik.

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