5 Incredible Sailing Destinations In The Americas

Some of the most amazing places in The Americas can be found travelling by boat. You’ll have exclusive access to places that if you were travelling on land couldn’t even dream about reaching like an uninhabited hidden cay or a hotspot where active marine wildlife can be found. The waters are warm like bath water and the pure sandy beaches are yours to discover.



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Cuba is not only an all-inclusive resort destination. To explore the best beaches and encounter the islands Canarreos Archipelago, venture through on a catamaran. The cays of Canarreos Archipelago are a great place to escape from all the major tourist buzz spots in Cuba as you need to get there via a boat of course. So you’ll feel like you’ve got miles of uncovered space to explore in the waters and lands without feeling like a shrimp in a small tank. You’ll find the best snorkelling spots with the most colourful fish, water even more blue than the sky on a clear day, and eat delicious seafood you can’t get enough of. As you are travelling catamaran style you can swim to the beaches right from the boat. Some of the cays you can visit are Cayo Rico, Cayo Largo, and Cayo el Rosario.


British Virgin Islands 

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These islands are known to many sailors as some of the world’s most beautiful sailing spots. There’s a very mellow atmosphere being low-key which allows you to visit the more isolated coves. Some of the islands appear to be untouched by humans making you feel like you discovered them yourself. There is no doubt among those who visit that the snorkelling locations are outstanding. A popular place to start or end your journey is Tortola. Islands you can visit are Norman Island, Cooper Island, Guana Island, and Anegada Island.



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Apart from the beautiful beaches, Hawaii is known for their friendly locals and stunning landscapes. There’s always something to see and do whether is taking a dip in the ocean, doing some surfing or making new friends. One of the best spots to do some sailing is along the coast of Oahu. Sail around Waikiki until you arrive along the coast of Waikiki Beach. You can find many surfers catching waves with what seems like ease to them. Some of the best of the best surfing athletes in the world head to this most popular island location in Hawaii.



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The Bahamas is considered a hotspot in the Caribbean for visiting the bluest seas, a surplus of marine wildlife, and untouched cays. If you are a first time sailing explorer, The Bahamas is a great place to start as the waters are shallow. You’ll only need to immerse yourself under the water to see some exciting activity under the water such as seeing a stingray gliding over the sand or a sea turtle making it’s journey along with you. A great place to sail in The Bahamas is the Abacos Islands where you can explore many cays like Great Guana Cay, Green Turtle Cay, and Treasure Cay.



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A short sailing away from Belize’s coast you’ll encounter the Belize Cayes. Travellers prefer Caye Caulker more than any other caye in the country. It has the most prime reefs for snorkelling. Apart from snorkelling there are many other activities to do like sea kayaking, stand up paddle board, a sunset sail, or even stay on land and rent a bike as there’s plenty to explore on the island. Try the lobster if you like seafood. Caye Caulker is notorious for their cooked lobster.

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