10 Places On My Bucket List To See In The Next 2 Years

Every year I travel to approximately 3-5 countries that I haven’t been to yet to satisfy my wanderlust craving, at least on a minimal level. Heck, I would travel the world if money and time allowed for it. In the next couple of years I have goals to visit some places using one of my favourite group travel providers, G Adventures where they have travel itineraries to all these locations I want to step foot on. Here’s why these 10 are on my bucket list.



(photo credit: G Adventures)

I am not a coffee lover but I enjoy learning about how coffee is produced as it’s different in each country. I’ve heard from fellow travellers that Armenia is a great region in the country to visit some coffee farms and taste the high quality finished product. But the main thing that’s dragging my interest to visit here is the town of Guatapé which is a neighbouring town to Medellín. With its colourful houses each being uniquely painted, who wouldn’t want to visit this magical paradise?


Morocco (photo credit: G Adventures) 

There is so much that I want see and do in Morocco I could write a whole blog post about it. But to sum up the top 3 things I’d like to experience are: riding a camel in the Sahara Desert and sleep under the North African stars at a desert camp, walk the streets of the blue city in Chefchaouen and hike the High Atlas Mountains.


South Africa (photo credit: G Adventures)

I’m a big animal lover, especially cats. So naturally I’m interested to see some wild ones but from a secure distance away respecting their territory with an experienced guide. Going to South Africa would give me some great opportunities to get some site seeing in of The Big 5 – lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant and Cape buffalo.


Antarctica (photo credit: G Adventures)

There’s way more to Antartica than icebergs and glaciers. The wildlife encounters are tremendous. One day I can’t wait to see the various species of gigantic whales breaching the water’s service and the penguins in their clans waddling their way around and lots and lots of seals! When you travel with G Adventures, you can kayak your way around where zodiac landings are available lead by a skilled leader. You’ve also got the opportunity to do a little camping where you’ll have a generous amount of freedom to take some great shots with your camera.


Galapagos (photo credit: G Adventures)

There are a couple of different ways you can do the Galapagos such as a cruise, camping or staying at a hotel on one of the islands. For budget travellers camping would be more realistic in price and a cruise for a more luxurious experience. I love to do lots of bird watching and the Galapagos is home to bird species that don’t exist anywhere else on the planet. I want to see giant tortoises, swim with the Marine Iguana and snorkel my heart out.


Jordan (photo credit: G Adventures)

Petra brings out the little bit of Indiana Jones I have in me. For anyone whose interested in archeology, Petra should be on your agenda to see. It’s looks so beautiful I can’t even describe it. Doing a hot air balloon ride in the Wadi Rum desert to watch the sun rise is at the top on my bucket list of things to do in Jordan as well as Petra.


The Balkans
(photo credit: G Adventures)

I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan and I want to see where some of the scenes are filmed because I’m so inspired through the series’ filming locations for where I want to visit next. Through this TV program, it has spiked my interest to visit places like Dubrovnik in Croatia where King’s Landing is filmed. Also, Plitvice looks like a dream. If I can imagine a mystical place where fairies would live in the fantasy world, that would be it.


New Zealand(photo credit: G Adventures)

Hiking is something I do on a regular basis back home in Canada. I want to explore the many trails New Zealand has to offer while coming across some spectacular waterfalls. Also, seeing where some of the spots the Lord of the Rings was filmed would be cool too. I’m a big fantasy fiction fan if you haven’t noticed it already.


Thailand(photo credit: G Adventures)

When I saw the film The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio, I knew this place would be world famous among many travellers. The water is such a radiant blue and so many snorkelling spots and waterfalls. I’m not much of a sun tanner but maybe I would become one if I get to look at this view all day long while lounging on the beach.


Japan(photo credit: G Adventures)

Sushi is my all time favourite international cuisine. Naturally, I want to visit where it originates from. Maybe I’ll get the chance to visit during the cherry blossom season to see all the gorgeous blossoms on the trees. Wouldn’t that be spectacular?

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