What is No Ordinary Adventure? 

No Ordinary Adventure is a travel blog & travel agency for adventure guided travel experiences. Our content features different travel styles, tips, tour suppliers, destination info, and special trips offered with our travel partners. 


Why did you become a travel writer?

Travel is something I am very passionate about and I tend to show my passions in a very extroverted manner. I started travel writing for The Chronicle Herald which is a provincial newspaper in Nova Scotia writing a travel advice column for them. My sister suggested to me to start doing online travel writing as she thought my content with The Chronicle Herald was really good. My sister herself owns an online vendor bridal magazine and said that she would give me a hand setting it up. She’s a fabulous sister.


How do you make a living within the travel industry? 

Being a Travel Agent allows me to sell travel and make a commission from that sale each time. Most of my sales come from my private groups that I create and sell. Cruising is also a very popular request from my clients – especially river cruising.


How do you get free & discounted trips? 

Another perk of being a Travel Agent. Either the suppliers I use have rewards programs or for a specific number of PAX I sell, I can get an FOC (free of charge) spot. I also use a credit card where I purchase everything with it and save my points and use those only for airfare.


Where do your photos come from? 

Most of the photos you’ll see are my own. Others are from my travel suppliers. I prefer to take photos myself but not all the time. Sometimes I believe that you can get so caught up in taking pictures that you don’t see the destination from behind the lense. For me it’s important to have a few shots but also to see the destination through the naked eye.


Where have you traveled? 

  • North America: Canada, USA, Mexico
  • Caribbean: The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Martinique, Dominica, St. Kitts, St. Thomas, St. Croix
  • Central America: Costa Rica, Cuba
  • Europe: Spain, England, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Italy, Vatican City, Iceland, Ireland, Northern Ireland


Where will you go next? 

  • Thailand & India Oct 2018