Top 3 Architectural Sites To See In Sevilla

The most interesting historical city I have visited yet is by far Sevilla. In Sevilla you’ll see architecture like no other surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant botanical gardens. Apart from its historical charm, Sevilla has great accommodations located in the old city centre and the restaurants all offer tapas that you’ll become very familiar with as you’ll want more and more. Check out some of their incredible sites below.


The Orre de Torro (known as the Golden Tower) is one of the most photographed sites in Sevilla. It was built during the 13th century with the purpose of protecting the city and preventing attackers from conquering. Other purposes of the tower were a prison, warehouse, and chapel. Today it is cherished by Seville’s residence and visitors as a beautiful golden tower.

Me (centre) enjoying my first visit to Sevilla in front of the Golden Tower with friends from Murcia


Do you recognize this place from any particular Star Wars movie? It was used to film a scene in Star Wars Episode II – Attack of the Clones. It was originally built as a 1920’s showcase for Spanish industry and technology.

Plaza de España


The Sevilla Cathedral is one of the largest cathedral’s in the world. Inside you’ll find the that you need to tilt your head completely to see the detailed ceiling engravings. This is also the tomb residence of Christopher Colombus.

Inside Sevilla Cathedral


Inside the cathedral you can venture your way up inside La Giralda – the bell tower. The view is incredible from the top. Be aware – there’s a lot of walking involved to get to the top!

View from La Giralda


If you want to see Sevilla from a different perspective, take a carriage ride. There’s plenty of carriages around the historical city quarters and the drivers tell you about the city while they stroll you around. I learned so much about the city as my driver grew up in Andalusia his entire life. It was one of the best highlights as a tourist in Sevilla.

Take a carriage ride to see all the sites in historical Sevilla


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