The Best Way To Experience Aperitivo Time In Florence


When I was travelling with Intrepid in April on their 8 day ‘Highlights of Italy‘ tour, I had some free time in Florence and decided that I would try one of Intrepid’s day tour activities as it was recommended by my Intrepid Business Development Manager.


My fiancé and I decided on the ‘Aperitivo Time! Florence Wine Tour’. This is a 2.5 hour excursion starting at 5:30pm in Florence’s city centre. You’ll meet with a local English-speaking guide who will take you out for pre-dinner drinks and delicious snacks. Our local guide was a professional sommelier who gave us a little bit of a background on the wines we were tasting and good food pairing choices to go with the wine. Tastings and wine samples are included on the tour.

photo credit: Urban Adventures


Here are 2 of my favourite highlights you can expect:

  • Enjoy aperitivos at local neighbourhood spots
  • Sample some of Tuscany’s most famous red wines – chianti & brunello
photo credit: Urban Adventures


In total we went to 3 locations. The first location we went to had a huge wine cellar below the bar where we sampled red wine paired with different cheeses. The second location we sampled more red wine and were given Focaccia sandwiches filled with local meat and cheese at a boutique cafe. The final location was a small restaurant meant for aperitivo time or dessert. We had more red wine, meats, cheese, and freshly made donuts where there was a machine to put your own kind of filling inside including Nutella! We were so full by the end of our tour and very satisfied with all the good wine and food provided.

My fiancé Ben and I at our 3rd location on our aperitivo tour.


Urban Adventures excursions can be purchased in advance or if you are on an Intrepid tour you can ask your tour manager to help you book your excursions.

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