Wildlife Encounters To Photograph In Costa Rica

When I travelled to Costa Rica in March/April, I spotted more wildlife up close than I had ever seen before in my life. Half of the wildlife I spotted up close was along the road travelling. Costa Rica doesn’t have a lot of heavy traffic outside of San Jose in most areas so if you are travelling in a car or a van, you can easily park on the side of the road to get out and take some great pics. The 2 places I found had the most variety of wildlife were the Cloud Forest in Monteverde and inside Manuel Antonio National Park. Here are a few of my snapshots I took over a 10 day journey through Costa Rica.


Howler Monkey in the trees with his family of about 15 outside of La Fortuna


Scarlett Macaws off the road just before heading into Quepos


A millipede moving slowly along the ground of the Santa Elena Cloud Forest


White Faced Monkey hanging in the trees above the sandy beach in Manuel Antonio National Park


Found a sloth climbing very slowly down a tree in Manuel Antonio National Park


These Spider Monkeys were leaping from tree to tree beside the beach in Manuel Antonio National Park

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