5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Costa Rica

The reason why I love Costa Rica so much and recommend it to others is because of it’s diversity in what it can offer travellers. It can be customizable to the vacation theme of your choice. Outdoor sports, a relaxing beach vacation, a wildlife safari, gastronomical experiences, and much more. Here are my reasons why you should visit.


The Cloud Forest: The Cloud Forest is located in Monteverde. In the forest, you will find tall trees that overlap the sky. Look up and you find rays of sunlight trying to sneak into the forest. In the trees you’ll find sloths sleeping and even just maybe you’ll spot the famous Quetzel bird. Only 1% of the world’s woodlands make up cloud forest.

Santa Elena Cloud Forest, Monteverde


Wildlife: Most of the wildlife I saw was just off the road in the trees while travelling from one location in Costa Rica to another. This pair of wild Scarlett Macaws were spotted just outside of Quepos. Other animals I saw off the road were Tucans, Howler & White Faced Monkeys, Coatis, and Sloths.

Scarlett Macaws spotted in the trees outside of Quepos


Coffee: There are many coffee plantations you can visit in Costa Rica. Coffee used to be the #1 industry in Costa Rica but now the main industry is currently tourism. Good coffee beans harvested are the same colour of that to ripe cherries. If the coffee bean on the plant is green then it’s not ripe enough; if it’s more of a dark red or black then it’s too ripe. The best form to buy coffee in is non-grinded. It is a bit more fresh than if you purchase a bag of pre-grinded coffee. This is a great non-expensive souvenir to take back to friends and family who are coffee lovers.

Perfectly ripe coffee beans at Mi Cafecito Coffee Plantation in Sarapiqui outside of La Fortuna supported by G Adventures


Beaches: I had the pleasure of seeing the beach in Manuel Antonio National Park on the Pacific coast in April; the water was perfect for swimming. The only access to this beach by foot is within the entrance of the park where you will need to purchase a ticket for admission. You are not allowed to bring any food into the park because of all the animals located inside. From the beach, you’ll see lots of White Faced Monkeys perched on branches in the trees making an uproar and sometimes walking on the sand just below the tree trunks. Costa Rica is also known for the Caribbean coast, where you can visit the beaches near and around Tortuguero National Park and see the turtle hatchlings make their way to the sea.

The beach in Manuel Antonio National Park


Active Adventures: If you are looking for a very intense or casual active adventure there’s something for everyone in Costa Rica. The activities I did were the Hanging Bridges and Rappelling in La Fortuna and then Ziplining in Monteverde. Other activities include kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, rafting, and much more to choose from.

getting ready to zip across the longest zipline course in the world in Monteverde

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