Why Cycling Tours Give You An Amazing Perspective

One of the best ways to access your way around a city is by bike – of course with the city being cycler friendly. Not only are you able to travel where cars go, but you are also able to go where the locals go and where cars cannot enter. Be your very own pilot cycling through mountains and hill tops, desserts, and major city designated by lanes.


I recently had an experience of doing a cycling tour in Munich this past month while travelling with Contiki. I did a morning biking tour of Bavaria’s awesome capital. The biking excursion was included within my Contiki package. When I first arrived in the city I came in via coach. I was very amazed coming into the city; however when I went around the city by bike my entire perspective changed. If I were to walk the entire city of Munich it would have taken me the entire day and I probably would have been more exhausted. But on a bike I was able to go at a steady pace, see everything the city has to offer, and even have time to strip down and take a dip in the flowing waters of English park.

Me on the Mike’s Bike Tours excursion in Munich with Contiki


I was very glad that I decided to go with Contiki to visit Munich and other parts of Western Europe last summer. Contiki is in my professional opinion the BEST travel company for young adults. Most of their passengers are single travellers; because I was solo, I made more friends on this journey that I can count on my 2 hands that I still stay in touch with. Their trips are specifically designed so that young adults can make everlasting memories within what they encounter in destination but also creating experiences with new friends. The age requirement for Contiki is between 18-35.


On a bike you are able to go at your own pace. You can be fast and furious or as slow as you can go. You are able to get a deeper exploration with your bike than a coach. I went right into Bavarian architecture corners that anything besides a bike and pedestrians can’t access. I was even able to rub a lion for good luck in Munich’s city centre! Munich has private bike lanes, which are all around the city. A lot of locals use these lanes to get from point A to point B in no time.

Munich city centre beautiful architecture


My cycle guide from Mike’s Bike tours was an absolute expert on the city of Munich. He made a few stops explained the area and the history behind it. He knew the best routes so that we could see everything in detail. What’s also great is on the bikes they had baskets so I was able to put my bag, camera, water, etc. in a safe & secure spot while cruising down the streets.


Besides European destinations there are some other great areas to go cycling such as in Asia and in Central & South America. In Southern China via bike you are able to see picturesque landscapes that lead you to some spectacular hillsides and villages as well as visit the Terracota Warriors of Xi’an. Certain cities in Indochina have many congested streets. When you cycle, you are able to break fee from that in places such as Bangkok, Siem Reap, and Ho Chi Minh City. In Cuba you are able to cycle the hills of Guaniguanico and El Rosario. You’ll get to cycle by the island’s edge and see the breathtaking pristine waters.

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