Why Travel With Collette To See British Landscapes

Recently I had a conversation with my friend Shane who is a Business Development Manager for Collette Vacations about his 10 Day British Landscapes Tour. The reason why I like Collette Vacations so much is because of their amazing itineraries, inclusions, tour managers, and of course Shane is always great to work with on where my next adventure should be or where my clients should seek to visit.

10 day British Landscapes route


Shane currently lives in the same city as myself – Halifax, NS and is from Brisbane, Australia which he claims is the best country in the world. His favourite destination is Croatia. “The lifestyle, the culture and the food was amazing. It exceeded my expectations. The history and how they have come together after the war is amazing, they are very happy with their way of life and they live first, work second! Split I will return too for a longer stay in the summer time and just embrace the laid back, easy come easy go way of life.” Shane says to me. The most important lesson travel has taught him is to be open minded and try just about anything, having Parasailed in Lima, Peru, is something he would have never thought of doing before the rush and thrill has given him a whole new perspective on stepping outside of his comfort zone.

Shane exploring London (photo credit: Shane Coupland)


About British Landscapes – England, Scotland, and Whales 

The Activity level is very easy for travellers and a great mixture of walking and free time as well as time spent on the coach. It’s a great way to get an introduction to the U.K. as a whole and visit the booming hustle and bustle of London, to stepping back in time with a trip to York, Stratford Upon-Avon and feeling like a king/queen in a Welsh Castle stay. A place I can see myself again is Edinburgh which is a vibrant old larger town rich in heritage and history. Overall the food experiences whether it was a pub meal or a city restaurant was excellent. The tour included almost all of the dinners with 2-3 free nights for personal time and preference.

Edinburgh cottage (photo credit: Collette Vacations)


Why Shane decided on this adventure

Shane decided on this tour due to wanting to get a deeper look at his own personal family ties to this region. As he was the first person born in Australia out of his entire family (they are all from the U.K.) so it was great for him to reconnect and sites and places he had been told about by his grandparents and parents.

photo credit: Shane Coupland


What can travellers expect with this tour company/specific adventure

Shane works with Collette as mentioned so he knows them better than anyone. Collette – Outstanding tour operator, 4+ star and from the research in the market slightly more inclusive from the start compared to some other tour providers. There are no hidden costs while on tour and you know everything you need to know before you go. Minimal optional excursion, which he believes the British Landscapes one had 2 only in the tour. In Stratford the group was given the “choice” between two excursions, which is a great feature they have on many tours. You can visit Anne Hathaway’s Cottage or take a leisurely Avon River cruise which is a nice way of giving everyone some flexibility. The Scottish night out is great, filled with great food and entertainment. The tour overall exceeded his expectations. Perfect hotel selections – London the travellers stay at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, it was a stone’s throw from the Tower Bridge, Edinburgh, right on the Royal Mile at the Radisson Blue and the castle stay was amazing. Food was hearty and it reminded Shane of being home.

Stonehenge (photo credit: Collette Vacations)


The Tour Manager 

The tour Manager – Shelley. Shane had nothing but WOW to say about her. She is amazing, and gives attention to detail and her professionalism is outstanding. Everyone couldn’t believe how great she was. The tour goes to this quant town in rural England and Shelley advised Shane due to his love for custard to join her for lunch at this little café and she wasn’t wrong, still today he talks about how excellent it was.


If you have any questions about Collette Vacations or how to get on this itinerary click here.

photo credit: Shane Coupland

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