Why Travel To Iceland With Collette Vacations

Comfort and Convenience are the 2 words I would use to describe what it’s like to travel with Collette Vacations. If you are the type of traveller who wants everything planned out with many site seeing inclusions, upgraded hotels and transport, as well as quite a few meals included, then Collette is your go to tour guide. I had the pleasure of travelling with Collette in Iceland during the month of October which happens to be the start of the peak season for the Northern Lights. I was lucky enough to see them from our hotel where the Collette group was staying in the south (Hotel Katla). Collette offers 3 tour options for Iceland that range from 7-10 days. Here’s what you can expect when travelling with Collette and their tours in Iceland.


Meals: Breakfast is usually included every morning at your hotel with plenty of options from the buffet both being familiar to you and local delights. They’ll also include a few dinners on some days. Your dinner dining location will be either at your hotel or a short walking distance away. In Reykjavik our hotel was down the street less than a 5 minute walk from the restaurant. Most dinners are buffet style where you have the choice to indulge in everything you wish to try.

Foods to try in Iceland: If you are a fan of Seafood, Iceland will have a lot of variety from the ocean. A food tasting of fermented shark and brennivín is included in your package. Brennivín or ‘Black Death’ is Iceland’s signature distilled beverage.  The shark is very healthy and a commonly eaten seafood among Icelanders. Though it does have a very distinguishing smell which is why you consume the brennivín directly after eating it. You can also try dried cod and minke whale which can be tasted at one of the buffet dinners included.

Accommodations: The hotels used in Iceland are centrally located and not far from major attractions in Rekjavik. Collette is known for their VIP service with their tours around the world. One of the services included in your package is Hotel to hotel baggage services. When you are heading to your next destination, the morning of your departure you will place your bag outside of your hotel room before going to breakfast and then when you arrive to your next hotel it’s waiting for you in front of your hotel room. Collette also does not normally have 1 night stays with their tours. If they do, it’s usually for the start and ending location of the tour. They have 2 night minimums on average within each location so that you have time to enjoy the sites with more time to explore. When staying in Vík we were there for 3 nights which allowed us to really explore the southern sites of Iceland.

Age Demographic: Collette’s main demographic is from the age of 40+. There were a few like myself who were in their 20’s. The majority are couples or small groups of friends travelling together. During the evenings there’s no assigned seating so you are able to mingle and get to know your fellow travellers. The group is approximately 40 passengers.

Physical Difficulty/Conditions: The weather can be very unpredictable in Iceland and the country is rarely flat for most scenic areas. To get to some of the major sites you’ll need to do a bit of walking which can be on rocks or gravel. Collette recommends that you bring hiking boots with good grips on them and thermal wear.

Tour Manager: Our tour Manager John was very knowledgeable and reliable. If we needed anything at all he was there to answer our questions and assist us and travelled with the group throughout the entire tour. He took care of all the logistics for us and went above and beyond to please the group.


Here is one of the tours and the sites you can see with Collette in Iceland. This is a 7 day itinerary that focuses on the southern region and in search of spotting the Northern Lights. All of these sites visited are included within your tour package.

7 Day ‘Iceland’s Magical Northern Lights’ route with Collette


Thingvellir National Park 






Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach





Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon

Diamond Beach 

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