5 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Iceland

Iceland – the land of Fire & Ice. It may be a small country but it certainly doesn’t lack in natural wonders that appear nothing short of stunning. Waterfalls, icebergs, geysers, beaches, puffins, and much more to see! Iceland’s airport (about 45 minutes outside of Reykjavik) has many gateways to choose from. Iceland is the perfect stopover if you are going to or coming from Europe or Canada/the U.S. Last summer I was going to Paris from my home city of Halifax – my flight to Iceland with Icelandair was only 4 hours. I had some time to relax a bit in the airport and then was in Paris 3 hours later after take off. Below are some images that will inspire to visit Iceland.


The Blue Lagoon is close to the main airport in Iceland – this is one of the most visited places close to Reykjavik. These rich mineral waters will soothe your body in this enormous geothermal pool that’s located in a lava field.

The Blue Lagoon (photo credit: Collette Vacations)


Seljalandfoss is one of Iceland’s most photographed waterfalls. There’s a walkway behind it where you can capture some stunning shots with your camera.

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall (photo credit: Collette Vacations)


Along the Golden Circle route, you’ll encounter one of the things Iceland is most famous for, their geysers! Watch and be amazed at how high the water blazes up into the air and comes back down in a uniform sequence.

The Golden Circle (photo credit: Collette Vacations)


The northern lights are best seen in Iceland between October and April. You can see them dancing in the sky quite often during their peak season and always showing something a bit different in colour and shape.

One of the many sights of the beautiful northern lights (photo credit: Collette Vacations)


Icelandic horses are very special to the Icelandic people and their culture. Take a ride along the coast or visit a farm to spend some time with these gentle creatures.

Icelandic horseback experience (photo credit: Collette Vacations)

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