What To Do In Bocas Del Toro

If you are going to Panama and want to explore the Caribbean coast, Bocas del Toro is a great spot to get some sunshine on the beaches, do some water sport activities, and have some relaxation leisure time. Here are some things you can do while in Bocas.
Sailing snorkelling tour. Through Hello Travel Panama you can do a day trip that includes a cruise around Sloth Island, a stop at Cayo Zapatilla, Anfibia Boarding and snorkelling for $45 USD. Throughout our journey on the boat, we saw numerous Bottle Nose Dolphins that surrounded us. What a treat! While cruising around the mangroves of Sloth Island, we got to see a few sloths hanging in the trees. I lost count of how many we saw – I think at least 6! I asked our tour guide how the heck they got there. Apparently, sloths are fantastic swimmers. It is estimated that there are approximately 45-50 sloths on the island. I brought my binoculars as they are very high up in the trees and you can see them much better that way.
a sloth hanging in the trees at Sloth Island
Off the coast of Cayo Zapatilla, we did Anfibia Boarding. This was actually invented in Bocas del Toro and has become a trending water sport activity all over the world. There are about 4 individuals at a time who go with a guide. Your board is tied to a rope and the boat pulls you slowly while you can stay above water level or dip the board downwards to go under the water. If you want to go deeper, you point the board more downwards. You wear a snorkel mask and when you need to come up for a breath of air you point the board upwards. It was so easy and fun! Click here to see what Anfibia Boarding is all about.
I really enjoyed my time on the island of Zapatilla. I had never seen such baby blue water so spectacular. It’s a superb location for some beach time.
Cayo Zapatilla
Red Frog Beach & Starfish Beach. There are a couple of beaches that you can visit that are a short distance from the centre of Bocas del Toro. At Red Frog Beach you can get some sun and relaxation time in on the beach and spot some red frogs hopping around. I opted to visit Starfish Beach. In shallow water, you can find starfish. It’s imperative to not pick up the starfish as you can cause harm to them. There are many signs to emphasize the importance of leaving them where they are. To get there, you can take a public bus to Boca del Drago for $5 USD round trip from Bocas del Toro. It was about a 30-minute ride to get there and then you walk for about 15-20 minutes to get to the beach. The buses run all the time during the morning and afternoon so we didn’t have to wait long to get there and return back to Bocas.
Boca del Drago 

There are quite a few restaurants and places to buy drinks at Starfish Beach. I got a really nice Piña Colada for $3 USD. They made it fresh right there in front of me. I love how my “glass” was a pineapple!
Nightlife. For those who are night owls, there are many bars and clubs in Bocas to experience. Most restaurants, clubs and bars are located on docks. Grab a drink, take a seat or dance the night away next to the moonlit sea.
Bike rental. There are some fantastic cycling routes along the coast in Bocas. A few shops are located in Bocas del Toro to rent a bike for a day.
Bioluminescence tour. If you want to see a little magic, spend one of your evenings on a bioluminescence tour. As you sway through the water, watch the water create light! Through Hello Travel Panama, you can experience this phenomenon for $25-30 USD per person. Click here to learn more about the experience.
More activities: Bat Cave Tour $45 USD, Colón Expedition $40 USD, Jungle Cocoa Tour $35 USD, Isla Bastimentos $60 USD, Sunset Snorkelling Tour $25 USD

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