Visit Panama’s Cloud Forest In Boquete

The Quetzal Trail in Boquete is one of the most scenic hikes in Panama. I decided to do the 10km half day trek through the Cloud Forest. The difficulty level is intermediate. You should be in good shape and have a bit of hiking experience. It is a flat walk in some areas and there are some uphill and downhill paths. I was a little bit out of breath from the altitude at times but there were some rest stops along the way to take a break.

We took 5 hours to do the hike. We started around 9 am and were back in the town around 2:30 pm. The cost per person with a guide is about $50 USD. It was nice to have a guide as he explained about the wildlife, plants, trees and bird species. There are over 400 types of birds that live in the forest including the quetzal.

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