What To Expect & Experience In Morocco

I recently came across a traveller from the UK who has visited over 100 countries. James Smith loves to travel, exercise, and take photographs. Travel has taught him that there’s no place like home where he can appreciate the clean air, beautiful landscapes, delicious food, and friendly people.


James went on a journey to Morocco last year in September as a solo traveller where he visited Tangier, Rabat, Agadir, and Dakhla. The whole journey took seven days. He was travelling by land from North Cape, Norway to Cape Town, South Africa which gave him the opportunity to visit Morocco in between. James quoted, “Morocco is a destination full of historical sights, atmospheric medinas and Kasbahs, colourful buildings, wonderful food, and Arabic sounds. It is a completely different culture and well worth visiting.”


What you can expect: 

Language: Some knowledge of French is essential when travelling in Morocco, unless you can speak Arabic. Transport: The bus, train, and local transport are organized, safe, and the cost is cheap. Food: There is a good choice of food, couscous being the main dish. Accommodation: There is a wide range of good value accommodations.

Morocco was a lot better than he had expected; he found it easy to travel solo; you just need to be aware of being approached by people wanting to take you on tours or take you places to gain commission.

The sights in Moroccan cities are very impressive. They vary from ancient medinas and mosques to modern buildings. The beaches are very beautiful as well he claimed.

The bay of Dakhla, the Moroccan part of Western Sahara (photo credit: James Smith)


Best food/drink: 

His favourite drink is the freshly squeezed orange juice which you can get at the juice stalls on Avenue Hassan II. Dotted around the cities you can also find French influenced bakeries (boulangeries) selling delicious breads and cakes.


Essential items to bring: 

You can see in the streets of all the cities that they sell bathroom tissue. This is because often at washroom facilities they don’t have toilet paper. You can buy bathroom tissue at various locations or bring your own.


Favourite Excursions: 

James’s favourite excursion is the Hassan Tower. It was good to see the architecture and the royal guards in traditional clothing on horseback. There was also a great viewpoint of the city and the Atlantic from here. In Rabat don’t miss Kasbah of the Udayas for photographing the colourful and traditional houses. In Agadir the beach is a must see spot. All the cities have ancient medinas hosting traditional Moroccan markets – not to be missed. Rabat is James’s favourite place because it is not really a tourist destination but has all the tourist sights you find in other Moroccan cities. This means you can visit the beautiful sights without the hecklers you get in other cities.

A view of Kasbah of the Udayas, Rabat, Morocco (photo credit: James Smith)


Agadir Beach, Morocco (photo credit: James Smith)


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